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Engaged and planning the big day, you’ve come to the stage of booking your wedding videographer. You’ll realize soon enough that not all provide the same product. One of the bigger questions that you may ask is, is a short form wedding film for me?

What is a Short Form Wedding Film?

Although there isn’t a fixed rule, it is generally accepted for a short form to be between 10 and 45 minutes long, ours certainly fit the description at around 30-40 min.

Anything exceeding 45 minutes can probably be considered the classic doc edit where every event of the day is put together on a long video that sometimes can surpass 2 hours. Which one is better? Good question. What one couple finds attractive, the other may not, and vice versa. It comes down to personal taste. The only way to find out which one is your favorite is to watch a full feature film from a few different suppliers. We pride ourselves in keeping a consistent and engaging flow, it allows us to tell a more compelling story, a true short form wedding film, contact us for a link to a full feature.

Why Shorter?

When looking at a short form film you realize the short runtime, What do we do to the rest of the material? We ensure all key moments are present along with any moment that’s special to the couple.

We often also supply the full speeches as well as other parts of the day, this is done in different files not to brake the engaging flow of the short form film.

Now that you know what a short form Wedding Film is, you have to decide what type of film you want and how you want your wedding videographer to behave on the day. For us at Do ART Wedding Films it's all about understanding the requirements of our couples and creating a wedding film that beautifully captures the love and happiness of their wedding day.

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