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There can be a lot of stress going into planning a wedding and hopefully this is the first time you and your partner are going through the process.

As a wedding videographer we know from recording many weddings some details about the day that at first might not even cross your mind.

Below are some common questions that we get asked frequently.

But even if it’s not related to wedding videography, feel free to contact us if you didn’t find the answer to your wedding questions.

  • Why hire a wedding videographer?
    On your wedding day, photographs will capture single images. Wedding Video captures much more: The vows that you say to each other, moments that you just forgot, your speeches, your first dance. The videographer captures the emotion, the surroundings and you and your guests. You will see parts of the day that you didn’t even have time to notice.
  • Professional wedding videographer vs friend with a camera?
    As professional videographers we’ve invested €1000s in equipment and training and have the necessary expertise to know what to film and know how to create a well edited wedding film that you will enjoy watching. If the friend who is going to film parts of your day is not a professional be prepared for problems. These could include bad sound, shaky camera, out of focus, etc. Also, he or she may not film the whole day as he/she will want to be part of the celebrations.
  • Are you intrusive?
    We take great pride in being mistaken as a guest sometimes, as your wedding videographer we will dress appropriately for a wedding. During the ceremony we don’t move around a lot. While filming guests, we try to capture them enjoying themselves from a distance and for the dancing we don’t use distracting camera lights.
  • What do you film during the day?
    - Daytime Bridal preparations / Also groom preps on higher packages Groom & Guests at church before the ceremony Bride Arriving Ceremony Arrival at hotel Photoshoot Cocktail reception - Evening Banquet Hall Guests & bridal party entrance Speeches Cutting the Cake First two dances
  • How much of the ceremony do you record?
    We record the whole wedding ceremony, two to three cameras and several audio recorders are used at this time to avail of more than one angle and crystal clear audio. The best parts or all are used on your chosen end product.
  • What happens after our wedding day?
    A preliminary proof of your Wedding Video will be sent to you within 20 weeks, during busy periods, this might be a bit longer. Editing your wedding video involves a very big amount of hours. From capturing the footage from the cameras up to burning your final Blu-Ray/DVD/USB there’s a lot of work involved. It’s the colour grading, audio cleaning, music soundtracks, opening titles, rendering, Blu-Ray/DVD menus and authoring that takes the time… nonetheless we love what we do and are very proud of our Wedding Films!
  • Soundtrack, can we choose our songs?"
    Yes, you can provide your own music for your wedding video (this can only be used on videos for your private viewing, any short films that you want to put online for friends and family to enjoy will need licensed soundtracks, we will advise you on this and a budget is allocated for this depending on package), We can also send you a list of recommended songs to choose from. We’ll explain you the structure of your wedding film so that you can think on how to use your chosen songs.
  • What equipment do you use?
    We use three cameras during the wedding day, Panasonic GH4r is our safe shot angle recording 4K at ceremony and dances and main camera for the rest of the day. We also use a Nikon D5100 dslr to create the film look, specially on closer looks where the background becomes blurry. Panasonic TM900 35mm is our third safe angle at ceremony, speeches and dances. Audio quality is secured by the use of a Zoom H4n and H1 high quality external audio recorders and Sennheiser wireless lapel microphone for great sound!
  • Does the Wedding Video DVD/Blu-ray have a chapter selection menu?
    Yes, we use full chaptered menus for your Wedding Video if you choose to have DVDs/Blu-ray. The discs have different chapters for each part of the day with nice titles. Your Wedding Short film is also included in the Wedding DVD/Blu-ray. We are updating our way of delivery to USBs but we can still supply you with discs if and when necessary.
  • Deposit and Payment policy?
    Your chosen date is confirmed only by payment of a non-refundable booking fee of €200. The remaining balance is payable the week before or on the morning of the wedding day. We prefer payments by bank transfer but we also accept cash, bank draft or postal cheque.
  • How well do you work with photographers?
    We recognise that the photographer has an important job to do – as do we. As a rule, we simply don’t get in his/her way. We allow him/her to get on with his job and try our best to stay out of the photographer's shot and point out our camera locations during the ceremony so that he/she can do the same for us. Prior communication is paramount! We advise to ask the photographer about what lens he/she uses during the ceremony, a professional wedding photographer will use zoom lens, if he/she uses prime lens during ceremony, will be sure to move a lot and get really close to the couple and in front of my shot at that important moment.
  • Blu-Ray / DVD / USB / Download?
    We film all weddings in high-definition HD and 4K, we delivered most of them on standard definition DVDs. Since 2019 we are delivering all films on a Wooden USB, still all couples have the option of requesting a wedding DVD, a Blu-ray or a Downloadable file of your Wedding videos. An HD-ready TV and a Blu-ray player are required to play Blu-ray discs. Game consoles like the Sony PS3/4 and Nintendo Wii can also playback Blu-ray discs.
  • Price guarantee? Hidden costs?
    Prices agreed on contract for your wedding video are final and Include travel charges if applicable. It doesn’t matter if your wedding is in two months or in two years.
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