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Wedding Videography How much does it cost in 2018?

“Every couple have different budgets, there is no such thing as an average rule.”

According to One Fab Day the average wedding in Ireland 2018 costs €31,000 with Wedding Videography costings on average €2000 to €4000, These costs are very similar to Wedding Photography.

On the other hand, Weddingsonline las year put the cost of a wedding at €24,427 with Wedding video being only €1,062 of the budget.

This goes to show the different styles that have emerged in recent years as well as packages on offer.

For someone looking for a fresh look on their Wedding Film, you can find wedding videographers for less than €1000, however, you cannot expect a modern high quality video, €1300-€3000 is a good budget range to start looking around. This also reflects our own prices at DoART Wedding Films, and lots of other great Irish wedding videographers.

Why is it so expensive?

Wedding Films have gone through dramatic changes in latest years. From being a quite simple, point and shoot style, it has become a complex storytelling edit, very similar to a short Hollywood Film. This style makes it more engaging and emotional.

Making these complex videos takes a lot of training, many different skills, high quality equipment and a Lot, a Lot of time in the editing room. It involves hard work and passion! It starts with the capturing of all footage and audio. Ceremony, speeches and dances have to be synchronised as several cameras and audio recorders are used at these key moments. Choosing the right angle is one of the most challenging parts of the process as it is key to keep a natural flow. Following this, the creative work begins: creating the opening title, matching shots artistically to the songs chosen by the couple, telling the story in an appealing way, using the right pace and finally the closing credits. This is a truly enjoyable part for me! Once the final cut edit is done, a critical review is undertaken to ensure all comes together in a beautiful story!

How Availability impacts on the cost

Unlike other suppliers, Wedding Videographers have limited dates to work each year. We can only take so many Weddings per year depending on how much time we put on the edit. There is no skipping time depending on everyone’s editing style, it takes what it takes to achieve a certain work. That’s why most time you won’t see offers on wedding videography.

If you think your budget doesn’t reach a certain Wedding Videographer that you really want, it’s best either to start looking at cheaper options or move things around in your budget and find some extra budget to book the Videographer you really want.

Believe me when I say that the more years pass by the more you will cherish your wedding film.

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