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Maryann and Emmanuel Nigerian Wedding in Ireland

Wedding ceremony on St Maelruan's church, Tallaght village and Wedding reception at Citywest Hotel.

I previously met the couple at citywest hotel and we went through all details of the day, very nice nigerian couple, my first african wedding in Ireland, very different, very colourful, loved the dresses and hats.

So far this looked like another normal wedding but, this one revealed to be quite challenging!

Photographers arrived very late to both bridal preparations and church ceremony, which contributed to a certain distress during the day.

This together with the new paparazzi armed with iPads going in front of my cameras and the main table at the reception put against windows creating silhouette effect on my main characters made this the hardest experience as a wedding videographer so far.

And for a cherry on top of the cake.... oh wait, it didn’t arrive on time!

Fair play for Citywest Hotel, they had a backup wedding cake for the party!

As challenging as it was, it came out very nice, here’s the highlights.

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