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Edel & Ian Wedding Video

It was a wonderful day in the beginning of September when I set off to Athlone to record Edel & Ian’s wedding.

People were very happy from the previous night celebrations and anxious for the upcoming ceremony.

During preparations there were touching moments when Ian send flowers to all the ladies and special jewellery gifts to his bride and daughter.

The ceremony was very traditional in the Corpus Christy church, Latin mass and all no kisses aloud inside!

The photo-shoot was in Burgess Park with the Shannon as background, very nice spot indeed!

From there to a champagne reception at the Sheraton Hotel Athlone.

The reception looked fabulous and I stayed to cover the cutting of the cake, the speeches and the first dance.

Edel and Ian, I wish you will be very happy together.


ps: Take a look at the wedding highlights.

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