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Leixlip Manor and Gardens, Karen & Conor Wedding Video

The 20th April was a bright day with promises of rain and even thunder, although never during the ceremony were we bothered by the bad weather.

I arrived at Leixlip Manor and Gardens a good hour before the first gests to get all the establishing shoots from the house and the beautiful Victorian gardens.

Both guests and the team at Leixlip Manor made me feel very at ease and treated me attentively.

I started shooting the wedding ceremony in stress! The bride arrived through a different door and I almost lost her entering the aisle; these are the moments when you have to be fast thinking and adapt very quickly to unexpected events.

After that, all went smoothly. My two camera setup got all the ceremony covered from start to finish and the wireless microphone enabled me to have a very good audio feed through the ceremony and greetings.

There was a picture session with everybody and after, the couple went for a relaxing walk in the Victorian gardens. We came back just in time to see how effective the team at Leixlip Manor is! The ceremony room had been transformed into reception room so fast it looked like magic.

Second moment of stress!!! Nobody warned me about the start of the speeches... next time I’ll hold the microphone for safekeeping... again think fast and act even faster.

The first dance came out very nice, although next time I’ll keep my second camera higher than any guest’s head... at the last minute someone just got in front of it. Thanks to two camera setup I had it covered anyway.

Karen and Conor, I wish you will be even happier than you have been in the past seven years.


Ps: The result is on the attached video, enjoy the highlights.

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