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Engagement Video

Engagement Video also known as Save-the-date video

One of the new trends in the pre-wedding process is the addition of engagement and save-the-date videos. Many brides (and grooms!) are looking for something more creative than traditional engagement photography. What a better way to remember this time in your life than a creative video?

You will get one DVD of a 2-5 minute video of you and your fiancé, filmed on a location of your choice (two hours aprox). We can tell your love story… you can use it as a save-the-date video to save hundreds on postcards and stamps, and we can do a mini interview session with you and your fiancé – it’s up to you!

You can choose from a preconceived engagement video where you can customize text and soundtrack that after will be put together with images from your video session or you can opt for an interview type video.

Preconceived engagement video - €50 (what a best way to try out your videographer)

Interview type video - €120

If the client stays with us for his/hers wedding video there will be a €50 discount on the Diamonds and Velvet packages.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this product.

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